December 7, 2012

Tarantino Reaffirms Plans To Make 30's Era Gangster Flick

 Quentin Tarantino's eighth film Django Unchained will be finally released on Christmas Day but it's currently unknown what's next for the writer/director. He's currently mulling over a couple of projects including an adaptation of Len Deighton's spy novels and is writing Kill Bill 3 (maybe Kill Bill 4 as well). However, one that Quentin has mentioned more recently is a Pretty Boy Floyd-like 30's gangster film. It had been mentioned that he would make another film before production starts on Kill Bill 3. BleedingCool has word that Quentin brought up the project again while speaking at BAFTA.

"I could conceive maybe someday doing a 30′s gangster picture, or something like that. I could think of doing another western, actually."

Tarantino has been hinting about a Christoph Waltz trilogy assuming that Basterds and Django being the first two installments. Could this gangster film be the end for his Waltz trilogy? We know that Deadwood greatly inspired Django Unchained as Quentin hired a bunch of actors from the show and even used their old sets. I have a good feeling that Boardwalk Empire starring Reservoir Dogs' Steve Buscemi is giving Tarantino a bunch of ideas for this gangster film. He's also waxed poetic on Sergio Leone's Once Upon A Time In America which is considered the gem of the genre.

Quentin has stated he would be only making ten films before walking into the sunset and retire from directing. It's unknown how serious he is about that statement but you never know with him. He may decide to scrap plans for Kill Bill 3 and make passion projects instead.

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