December 3, 2012

Darkseid To Be The Villain Of JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Taking a page from the Avengers playbook LatinoReview reveals that Darkseid could be the big baddie in WB's Justice League. A villain similar to Marvel's Thanos (rumored for Avengers 2) and is a little too powerful to start off with. I assume this means the Legion of Doom is out of the picture and that a cosmic element will play heavily here. I'm not sure how Batman and other non-Superman characters would do against someone like Darkseid. At the moment the project aimed for a summer 2015 release date is without a cast and director. Things that need to be put together or the film won't make that release date which will follow Marvel's highly anticipated Avengers 2. Rumors point to Henry Cavill (Superman) and possibly Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Batman) taking the two lead roles.

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