December 29, 2012

Tom Hooper Open To Talking With Producers For BOND 24?

Les Miserables might have critics split but it's making a mint which is hard for a musical these days. Director Tom Hooper (King's Speech) spoke with Collider who brought up if he'd be willing to direct the next Bond film. Hooper says it would be an "honor" to be considered for the job. Nothing says he's been contacted but it wouldn't be hard to imagine him end up a candidate.

"I would certainly be willing to talk about it; the ten year old in me would think there’s probably no higher honor than talking about that."

"I’d always take their phone call, they’re very lovely people."

After the extremely successful move to hire Oscar winning director Sam Mendes to helm Skyfall. I assume the Bond producers will be looking to hire another Oscar caliber director for future films like Hooper. Learning that a high quality visionary can deliver the goods and massive box office numbers. Skyfall is the highest grossing Bond film ever and could change the creative direction for future Bond films. The movie has earned $980 million and will likely finish it's run around a billion dollars. The 24th installment is currently being worked out by Sam Mendes and writer John Logan with Daniel Craig back as 007. Mendes hasn't committed to directing the next one but will likely play a role in it's script development and become a producer as well.

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