December 18, 2012

Samuel L Jackson Reveals Role In Live-Action KITE Adaptation

Samuel L. Jackson is taking on a bunch of genre based roles lately with supporting parts in Avengers, Robocop, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Oldboy. He revealed to Movies (via Collider) that he's taking on another anime project with reuniting with Snakes On A Plane director David Ellis for his live-action adaptation of Kite. It's interesting that Kite will be shooting in Johannesburg, South Africa as similarly ultra violent Dredd was shot there as well. We don't really know much about this adaptation from the original announcement from Variety. However,  it's very likely it won't be a family friendly take. The main character was inspiration for Mark Millar's Hit-Girl.

“After [RoboCop], I’m going to do this live-action version of Kite, the Japanese anime. I’ll be doing a live-action version of that in Johannesburg.”

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