December 6, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch Playing Khan Or Gary Mitchell?, Plus Other Things Caught In The STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Teaser

We finally got our first glimpse of Benedict Cumberbatch as the mysterious villain in Stark Trek Into Darkness. There had been a ton of speculation of who he's been playing in the film. The two villains it's really come down to is Gary Mitchell and the legendary Khan from the epic Wrath of Khan. A few things that had also been rumored have been sort of confirmed here with the Klingons appearing and Alice Eve very likely playing Kirk's love interest Dr. Carol Marcus.

Carol had mothered a child (David) of Kirk's which was revealed in Wrath. While she survived the original film doing the same through this film will be in question. While Carol has connections with Khan she also has links to other villain Gary Mitchell. The best friend of Kirk who develops powers and becomes a conflicted villain.

Klingons have been mentioned since the first roll out of the Star Trek sequel rumors. We saw J.J. Abrams earlier in the year speaking on MTV while an image of Klingon was in the background on a screen. The alien warriors had been featured in the first film but ultimately cut-out but have been linked to this new film a few times. Finally, there is confirmation they'll be in the film as Benedict Cumberbatch is shown in a few scenes in the trailer clobbering a couple of Klingons.

While we have zero idea of the villain's motivation for his "vengeance" he has exceptional abilities which could fall inline with a super-human like Khan. The original talk of Khan came from LatinoReview which had previously broke that Joker (Dark Knight), Loki/Thanos (Avengers), Mandarin (Iron Man 3), General Zod (Man of Steel) and Moriarty (Sherlock Holmes 2) would be villains in their respected films. It's a solid track record that gives the impression along with this footage that Benedict is playing the iconic Khan in the film. However, the site has removed the original article.

In the Japanese version of the teaser there is a bonus fifteen seconds of footage which features a scene similar to the death of Spock in Wrath of Khan. Nothing says he's actually dying or will "stay" dead but it's another in a long line of things pointing to Cumberbatch is playing Khan.

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