December 4, 2012

Oscar Isaac And Jason Clarke Join William Monahan's MOJAVE

Variety reports that rising stars Oscar Isaac (Drive) and Jason Clarke (Lawless, Zero Dark Thirty) have joined William Monahan's next directorial effort titled Mojave. The original thriller also written by Monahan focuses on a man who escapes into the desert only to encounter a doppelganger-like antagonist and subsequently enter a vortex of criminality and violence. I'm sure the supporting cast will be equally as talented.

Monahan is best known as an Oscar winning screenwriter. Taking on all sorts of genres writing screenplays for films such as Kingdom of Heaven, The Departed and Sin City A Dame To Kill For. He went behind the camera in the messy British crime thriller London Boulevard which didn't do well with critics. It will be interesting if this second outing will be more successful for Monahan.

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