February 16, 2014

Oscar Nominated Composer Steven Price To Score ANT-MAN

Marvel is finally upping their game, concerning the composers of their films. I recent spoke to my opinion on their films having weak scores. Considering that these films will be affectionately compared to Star Wars by a generation, the scores are below the standard (for films of this size) and are pedestrian at best. My thoughts on that might change as Tyler Bates (300, Watchmen) is set to score James Gunn's Guardians of The Galaxy. Another promising name is being added to the Phase Three launch title Ant-Man.

Edgar Wright confirmed today on his Twitter account that BAFTA winner and Oscar nominated composer Steven Price (Gravity) will score Ant-Man. Price has previously worked with Wright on The World's End and Scott Pilgrim. Steven also worked on films such as The Lord of The Rings (Two Towers/Return of The King) and Batman Begins.

Another giant bonus for the project, which recently landed Oscar winner Michael Douglas (The Game, Wall Street, Black Rain ) to play Dr. Hank Pym. It seems Marvel and Edgar are swinging for the fences with everyone involved with Ant-Man. I'm still holding out hope Marvel approaches Michael Giacchino (Star Trek 1-2, Up) and Paul-Leonard Morgan (Dredd) to score future Marvel films, since they need that caliber of composer going forward.


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