February 24, 2014

Karl Urban Says DREDD Sequel Being Considered By Studio

We've been hearing for over a year that if fans demanded a sequel to Dredd it would happen. WhatCulture has a promising update from Karl Urban (via a Star Trek event in Germany), who confirms the studio is having "conversations" with director Pete Travis and writer Alex Garland. This is off the heels of the successful DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital sales. This is the first hint that the studio is considering making a second film.

It's disastrous box office numbers were likely due the terrible marketing, and distributors holding back 2D prints of the film in some markets. Instead of promoting the story or is amazingly colorful violent world, they focused on the 3D aspect which obviously didn't help ticket sales. Critics seemingly loved the film, as it earned a 78% fresh rating at RottenTomatoes. I loved it, and thought they made it in the vein of Paul Verhoeven's Total Recall and Robocop, which is how a character like this should be approached.

In 2012, at the London Comic-Con writer Alex Garland revealed trilogy plans for Dredd. Stating that, the second film would focus on the origins of Dredd and Mega-City One. The third movie would focus on Dredd's big baddie Judge Dredd and his Dark Judges. Garland's original script included Death, but would later be replaced with Ma-Ma. If the studio is smart, they'd film the two sequels back to back, saving a lot of money and securing this trilogy happens.

A Facebook group and petition to get a sequel made was eventually endorsed by 2000 AD comics, and in September 2012 earned over 80,000 signatures. The comic company released a direct sequel to the film in comic book form, titled Dredd: Underbelly which was set one year after the events of the film.


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