July 22, 2012

Director David Slade Exits 'DAREDEVIL' Reboot

Marvel properties at 20th Century Fox are slowing coming together with The Wolverine and the X-Men First Class sequel about to go into production. The same can't be said about Fox's Daredevil reboot as Deadline reports that David Slade (30 Days of Night) has dropped out as it's director.

Fox will have to find another director soon or the rights will revert back to Marvel/Disney if the film isn't made. I'm sure fans of the Hell's Kitchen hero would love that to happen. Considering it could be awesome to finally see Daredevil and Black Widow team-up in a movie. Not to mention see a faithful adaptation of the character. It wouldn't be hard to imagine Murdock showing up in the Black Widow spin-off film if Marvel regains the rights.

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