December 23, 2011

Mission Impossible 5 Moving Forward?

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is already a financial and critical hit. Making the fourth installment one of the most rewarding films in the franchise according to many reviews and word of mouth. Putting together a solid cast including Jeremy Renner has paid off, not to mention bringing Simon Pegg into the spotlight.

MovieHole reports the studio is aiming to move forward with Mission Impossible 5, which isn't surprising. It had been rumored that Jeremy Renner was going to take over the franchise when Paramount first announced Ghost Protocol. Paramount mentioned then that there could be more Mission Impossible films in the future without Tom playing Ethan Hunt. Cruise seems to have won audiences over and the studio could want him to go on more missions. The question will be will the studio be able to bring back director Brad Bird or Renner/Pegg for the sequel? If Bird returned he would be the first director in the series to do so.

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