August 24, 2011

Cast Em': Marvel Studios' Thor 2

With the announcement of Marvel Studios moving forward with a sequel to Thor, setting a release date for July 26th 2013. Along with a script in development from and Brian Kirk in talks to direct. There was the inclusion that the sequel could be entirely set in the cosmic realms. Giving audiences a better look into Asgard and the surrounding realms/creatures. I've come up with my own opinions on which characters should be featured and who should play them.


Adam Baldwin (Full Metal Jacket) As Scourge The Executioner

Alice Eve As Amora The Enchantress

Joe Manganiello (True Blood) As Balder The Brave

Abbie Cornish As Brunnhilde The Valkeryie

Gemma Arterton As Lorelei

Benedict Cumberbatch As Malekith The Accursed

Brian Cox As Ulik The Rock Troll

Eva Green (Casino Royale) As Alflyse

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