June 18, 2009

Mission Impossible 4 (2011)

It's official, Tom Cruise will be back as Ethan Hunt. Paramount Pictures has officially greenlit a fourth Mission Impossible movie with Cruise in the lead. Both Cruise and J.J. Abrams will produce the film. There hasn't been a director announced since J.J. would have leave the franchise to focus on the second Star Trek film. The fourth installment could have a spring or summer release date in 2011.

It's assumed that Ving Rhames will return as the long time partner Luther. One of the greatest aspects of the third installment was the development of a new team. Unlike the first and second film which had Ethan flying solo missions with Luther. The franchise now feels similar to the original television series. I'd love to see Maggie Q, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Simon Pegg and Laurence Fishburn return in the next movie.

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