June 13, 2009

Bond 23 (2010-2011)

The new Bond movies have been very profitable both grossing a combined 1.17 billion worldwide. Daniel Craig still manages to be one of the best Bonds to date and had stated he'll return for at least one more film. We may see the origins or introductions to Bond favorites Moneypenny and Q in the new film. There could also be the return of elaborate gadgets. I just hope they don't go overboard and unrealistic like they did in Die Another Day with the invisible car.

Quantum of Solace was a great companion to Casino Royale. Although it didn't feel like it's own film feeling rushed at moments. The script may have been written quickly to meet the demand for the sequel's release date. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade who wrote both films will return. Along with screenwriter Peter Morgan (Last King of Scotland, The Queen) who will take over writing duties for Paul Haggis. It's rumored that the new film could involve British politics and the opium/heroin drug cartels in Afghanistan. I think it's great to have a Bond film involve realistic/current topics.


I'm sure they'll be asking John Cleese to return as Q. If that doesn't happen I could see Rowan Atkinson (Black Adder) replacing him.

Thandie Newton (Crash, RockNRolla) would make an excellent Moneypenny.

Fredia Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) and Isabel Lucas (Transformers 2, Daybreakers) would be great Bond girls.

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