September 26, 2008

Daredevil reboot?

20th Century Fox hopes to reboot the Daredevil character the same way Marvel previously has with The Hulk. Considering Mark Steven Johnson's awful directing/writing in the first installment , Fox hopes to find a different way to introduce the popular Marvel hero. I'm sure they're going to scrap and ignore the first film replacing Ben Affleck. Knowing the trend of hiring quality actors instead of flavors of the month to play superheroes these days. I'd love to see Benicio Del Toro (Sin City, Che) play Daredevil. It would make sense because they need an actor who can play dark and vengeful on the same lines as Bale's Batman. There are many similarities between the two characters and Del Toro would be a great fit. The studio is going to need a proven and skilled writer to produce a decent script. Along with a highly talented director who has worked on character driven films. Even if the script and director are set the studio could sabotage it by jerking around the production to fit product lines or target audiences. This seems to be happening even with the promising Wolverine movie, where Gavin Hood has been underminded by Fox on many occasions.

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