August 18, 2008

Paul WS Anderson's Man With The Football

"Terrorists steal the U.S. president's "football" -- the briefcase equipment used to initiate a nuclear strike -- causing a team of agents to quickly diffuse a potential attack." Paul W.S. Anderson's (Death Race)next film will be slightly less genre heavy and will be a traditional action flick. Jason Isaacs (Brotherhood, Harry Potter films) has worked before with Anderson on Event Horizon, Shopping and Soldier will star. Also Colin Salmon who has appeared in Resident Evil and AVP both Anderson films will star alongside Isaacs.

It's been rumored this project might be a live-action adaptation of the successful "Metal Gear Solid" video game series. This isn't unbelievable considering Anderson has worked on three Resident Evil movies and a Mortal Kombat sequel. Add that along with his rumored involvement with "Castlevania" and "Spy Hunter" films both based on video games and it's likely.

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