June 3, 2008

Kane & Lynch

Kane & Lynch (2009)

Based on the video game "Kane & Lynch: Dead Men" the new ultra violent video game from the developers of "Hitman". It seems Simon Crane who worked as a second unit director and stunt coordinator on Hancock, Troy, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, X-Men 3 and The Surrogates will be helming the project. Crane will be directing his first feature with "Kane & Lynch". Bruce Willis is in talks to play Kane and the studio is currently seeking out an actor to play Lynch. I think the only way to come out with a decent film out of this new video game geared to adults is a hard R movie. The tragedy that was "Hitman" was the studio trying to reach out to an younger movie goer with it's PG-13 rating, along with it's unrealistic plot holes and goofy logos on weapons. This time around there isn't much goofy little details that could drag this film down. Besides dulling down it's violence and grittiness to reach a safe PG-13.

"Kane is an ex-mercenary on his way to death row. His last job was a disaster that saw his team getting (persumably) killed while he ran off with a fortune in diamonds and was soon caught by the authorities. Suddenly, his prison bus crashes, a massive shootout begins between the guards and the escaping convicts, and he is helped to his feet by Lynch. The look in Lynch's eyes and the sadistic smile on his face tell Kane that he is not a friend and this is not a rescue: it's a kidnapping. The crash is quickly revealed to have been a clever ambush. The surviving members of Kane's old team have caught up with him. In the aftermath of the shootout with the guards, they offer both men a deal: Kane and Lynch must team up and recover the fortune that Kane stole. If Kane accepts the deal, he will still die for his treason but his wife and daughter will be spared. If the demented and schizophrenic Lynch agrees to watch over Kane on behalf of the organization, he gets Kane's old job in their ranks. "

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