March 1, 2013

RUMOR: David S. Goyer Working On MAN OF STEEL 2 Script, Will Zack Snyder Direct?

ThinkMcFlyThink is reporting on a rumor that comic book screenwriting guru David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, Blade) is already working on a script for Man of Steel 2. Nothing was confirmed but there was talk the studio was fast-tracking a sequel with the expectation Zack Snyder would return to direct. Considering Christopher Nolan is about to begin production on Interstellar it's unknown if he'll return to produce.

It was questioned recently if Snyder would be back for a sequel. As it was reported Zack met with LucasFilm to pitch a Star Wars standalone film inspired by the Japanese classic The Seven Samurai. Granted Snyder has been a loyal director for Warner Bros. taking on films such as 300 and The Watchmen. The only problem is there were rumors of conflict between the director and studio over Sucker Punch which led to a reluctant Snyder making Man of Steel. While it's unknown if he'll be back the recent screenings of the film have been extremely positive and should make a solid chunk of change in July. I'm sure during the press tour for Man of Steel more of this development could be revealed.

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