March 12, 2013

Could Bryan Singer Direct STAR TREK 3 And Beyond?

IGN talked to Trekkie director Bryan Singer about possibly taking over the Star Trek franchise from J.J. Abrams. Singer unlike Abrams is a die hard Trek fan and even had a small cameo in Star Trek: Nemesis which had a young Tom Hardy as the villain. If Bad Robot and Paramount were looking to hire someone on the level of Abrams but had more of connection with the fans it very well could be Singer. He admits the problems with coming into a franchise as an outsider. Bryan keeps the door open if there is a strong script/story, Abrams stayed on as a producer and supported him. Singer also talks about being friendly with the cast and even visiting the set recently.

"I don't know." "Even though Matthew Vaughn directed X-Men: First Class, I produced it, I wrote the story, I was involved in the casting and the design of the movie itself, so I don't feel like I'm taking on someone else's franchise." "I'm jumping back into my own." "Particularly with this movie (X-Men: Days of Future Past), because it involves the old cast as well." "It's a very different thing jumping into someone else's franchise, someone else's cast." "It was very tough when Brett Ratner did it with mine, you know." "And you're held up, particularly if it's something that people really like what the originator did, you're held to a very, very tough standard when you're jumping into somebody else's franchise." "It's a very scary thing to do cause' they're waiting to judge you." "And sometimes it works like Aliens." 

"Right because that was a very different thing." "Alien was a science-fiction masterpiece horror film that Ridley Scott made and Jim Cameron just did an action film." "But a sequel to a character charged Star Trek...I'm friends with some of the cast and I was on the set recently." "I'm friends with J.J. Abrams and so I was on the set visiting, which was really cool and it looks really awesome." "They're really great people." "Chris Pine is lovely and I'm friends with Zachary Quinto and they're all great." "That would be the most fun part, to work with those people and to work with the lore that I love." "I just...I'm like, the pressure of doing it would freak me out." "Or might freak me out." "That being said, if someone presented a story and a structure and the original director was supporting you, really supporting you and producing with you and behind you then maybe it would be a great experience." 

While it's still possible Abrams could still make one more Trek film. Even after he completes a trilogy he'll likely move on. Nothing is set in stone about Star Wars because currently J.J. is only attached to make one film. Along with rumors of him staying on to consult on the other films with Bad Robot sticking around as well. LucasFilm could end up hiring other directors to round out the new trilogy. There has been talk of Alfonso Cuarón being looked at to direct one of the Star Wars sequels.

Singer is dying to make a science fiction film and was putting together a Battlestar Galactica movie with Universal. The last time he mentioned his BSG film was back in August. I could see him put that on hold if given the chance to make a Trek film. Producer Bryan Burk has stated that the studio isn't looking for another four year gap between the release of Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek 3. X-Men Days of Future Past is coming out in 2014 which would give Bryan plenty of time to shoot Trek 3 for a possible 2016 release date.

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