March 8, 2013

Disney Already Working On Sequel To OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL

Variety reports that Disney isn't waiting for final box office numbers to move forward with a sequel to Oz, The Great And Powerful. Even with mixed reviews and somewhat lukewarm reception the film is tracking excessively high. So with that in mind the studio has brought back screenwriter Mitchell Kapner a few months back to begin a new script. Details haven't been revealed but it's safe to say that James Franco, Michelle Williams and others will be returning. It's likely Disney is moving quickly because they don't want to have to wait as long as they will for the Alice In Wonderland sequel. While nothing has been mentioned it could be possible that Dorothy might finally be back. I also wouldn't be shocked to see actress Joey King end up with the part.

I'd like to think they'd incorporate more Disney focused supporting characters such as Tick Tok and Jack Pumpkinhead from novels/Return to Oz for the next installment. Character designs which Disney flat out owns and wouldn't need to change. As Warner Bros. owns the original Wizard of Oz and many creative changes had to be made for Oz. Including the iconic ruby slippers being turned back to their original silver. I'd kid in me would love to see villains such as the Gnome King and Mombi make a return, having their origins explored a bit. It was awesome how scary those characters were in Return to Oz, nowadays wouldn't fly with the Disney brass.

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