March 21, 2013

Legendary Prop Sculptor Brian Muir Will Work On GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

BleedingCool reports that legendary prop sculptor Brian Muir will be working on Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy. Brian Muir has worked on a numerous amount of stellar productions including Star Wars: A New Hope (Vader, Storm Troopers), Alien (Space Jockey), Superman, Excalibur, Dragonslayer, The Dark Crystal, Indiana Jones And The Raiders of The Lost Ark, Krull, Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom, Return To Oz, Willow, Erik The Viking, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, Lost In Space, Planet of The Apes, Harry Potter (The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Order of The Phoenix, The Half-Blood Prince, The Deathly Hollows), James Bond (Skyfall, Die Another Day, Tomorrow Never Dies, Golden Eye, License To Kill, The Living Daylights, A View To A Kill, For Your Eyes Only, The Spy Who Loved Me) John Carter, Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor: The Dark World and Snow White And The Huntsman. Including creating the iconic helmet for Darth Vader in the first Star Wars film.

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