March 11, 2013

Disney Will Go Head To Head With Warner Bros. With Their Own BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Movie

Deadline reports that Disney has hired to writer Joe Adhearne (Trance) to begin script work on a live-action take on Beauty And The Beast titled The Beast. It's expected the film will take more of a dark turn than the 90's animated musical. I'm not if this will effect Guillermo del Toro's purposed take at Warner Bros. which had Emma Watson attached to play Beauty. Disney and Warner Bros. also had competing Oz films which seems Disney won in the end.

Disney has proven again with Oz taking in over $80m domestically and $150m+ worldwide this weekend they make compelling fairytale films. Add this to Alice In Wonderland's billion dollar take their next roster of films are likely going to be very successful. They currently have Sleep Beauty (Maleficent) on the way and Cinderella in the casting phase. Now with Pixar/Disney Animation handling the animation side of things, Marvel with the superhero tentpole and LucasFilm handling the sci-fi adventures. It allows Disney to focus on what they do best making family friendly live-action fairytale films for a new generation. If they keep making this kind of coin with each new franchise they will eventually corner the genre.

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