March 22, 2013

JURASSIC PARK 4 Director Colin Trevorrow Promises No Feathered Dinos

While Jurassic Park 4 has finally landed it's director Colin Trevorrow and screenwriters with a release date set for June of next Summer. A few odds and ends have been yet to be announced including the cast. That news is likely around the corner but Colin has given equally positive update for fans of the original two films. He simply states via Twitter the dinosaurs won't have feathers in his film. Since the first installment in 1993 science started moving dinos and birds closer together. Which led to raptors with feathers in the third film. Instead of confusing audiences and keeingp the mythology canon they will keep the look more similar to the original film. Rather than what's been showing on The Discovery Channel for the last fifteen years. A smart move to win over original fans of the franchise early on during it's production.

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