March 15, 2013

Bryan Singer Confirms Fan Bingbing (Blink) And BooBoo Stewart Have Joined X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, Also Daniel Cudmore Is Back As Colossus

Bryan Singer has tweeted a photo of the cast of X-Men Days of Future Past so far It includes everyone previously confirmed by the director along with three names not mentioned before.They include Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, BooBoo Stewart (Twilight Saga) and returning cast member Daniel Cudmore who played Colossus. Singer has also covered up the character names for the new cast members which I assume will be revealed in time.

Deadline is saying that Fan will be playing the character of Blink. A mutant that has been kicking around since the Victorian era with teleporting/energy blast abilities and ties to rumored villain Apocalypse. The character originates in the Age of Apocalypse comics so it's another hint to the god like X-Men villain will be finally included in the films. However, she also has alliances with Magneto and joined the X-Men/New Mutants. It's possible her powers could be linked to the time-travel aspect. Bingbing reportedly also has a small role in Iron Man 3 which is the first Marvel film to shoot on location in China.

Stewart's character isn't currently known but it's possible he could be playing a young version of X-Men/X-Force member James Proudstar aka Warpath. However, knowing Singer and Fox they would likely be using more obscure mutants for the new characters or ones from the X-Force/New Mutant comics. Both BooBoo and Daniel are Twilight alumni which should help get some of that demographic interested in the film. Not to mention the Hunger Games crowd already ready to watch anything Jennifer Lawrence is in. You might remember Cudmore had been in the running for the role of Conan before Jason Momoa was cast. Hopefully, Colossus is used a bit more this time around compared to the other Singer films.

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