March 2, 2013

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Wouldn't Mind Taking A Role In ANT-MAN To Work With Edgar Wright Again

While Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Smashed, Scott Pilgrim, Death Proof, Die Hard 4) has been on Marvel's radar for years but hasn't landed a role yet. MEW had been in the running for the role of Agent Maria Hill in Avengers along with an unofficial link to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. IFC asked on the Spirit Awards Red Carpet if the actress would like to reunite with Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright. She said she'd jump at the chance and even leaves the door open for a role in Ant-Man.

“Sure, I can be in ‘Ant-Man.’ Why not?” she said. “I love him and hopefully we’ll work together again.”

Ant-Man is expected to begin production when Guardians of The Galaxy wraps up in London. The extensive post-production needed for the film would likely mean it could start shooting even before Avengers 2. Her possible role? Considering she's been linked for leads it's very possible that The Wasp is a strong candidate. However, there are rumblings that Wasp "might" show up in Iron Man 3 but nothing has been confirmed.

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