March 3, 2013

JUSTICE LEAGUE UPDATES: Christopher Nolan To Godfather/Produce, Zack Snyder Could Produce/Direct And Studio Wants Christian Bale Back As Batman

LatinoReview is reporting on a few updates concerning Warner Bros' Justice League. They say that the studio still sees the project as a high priority and want the big guns for it. Adding that Christopher Nolan is wanted to produce and shepherd/godfather Justice League like he did with Man of Steel. Along with future DC films similar to how Joss Whedon (Marvel) and J.J. Abrams (Star Wars) will be overseeing their respected cinematic universes. MOS is already gather a large amount of buzz about entertaining and action packed it is. Zack Snyder will have a similar role as Nolan as a produce and could end up directing. Henry Cavill looks like a lock to reprise the role of Superman in the film expected to be released in 2015.

The biggest news included was that WB wants Christian Bale back as Batman for the film. While Nolan won't be directing anymore Batman films has been linked for an involvement with Justice League since the early days of it's development. Bale might have hung up his cape for good, but left the door open to come back if Christopher Nolan had another script for him. It makes sense since Bale is apart of the success of the billion dollar box office of the last two Batman films. He's also an Oscar winning actor which could help cinephiles back up the acting side of the project. The site also mentions the link between Snyder and Bale when they were going to make The Last Photograph together. No word on a new screenwriter but it's very likely that David S. Goyer could be brought in. Nothing is set in stone while LR is somewhat reliable WB is known to change their minds and Snyder/Bale could turn  it down.

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