May 20, 2013

Game Of Thrones Inspired INHUMANS Film A Candidate For Marvel's Phase Three Lineup?

It's looking like Marvel is going for broke when it comes to their introduction of the Marvel cosmic universe. They are about to begin production on Guardians of The Galaxy which will be their version of Star Trek/Star Wars. Even more exciting is that it was recently revealed via BleedingCool that Marvel might have plans of taking inspiration from Game of Thrones for their adaptation of Inhumans. A sprawling cosmic fantasy epic centred around feuding royal houses which involves the Kree and the forever anticipated Skrulls. It's expected the film would have different houses pursuing the throne to the Kree Empire. Along with the possible looming threat of all out war with the Skrulls. EW lists the project as a solid contender for Phase Three.

This would be a perfect way to introduce fans to the Inhumans (Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal and others) along with characters such as Ronan, Mar-Vell and Carol Danvers (Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel). The latter heroine has been rumored for ages and recent news suggests Marvel is already at work developing a script for her own film. Plus, Danvers could be similar to Peter Quill/Starlord being the link to Earth. It would be interesting to see her origins first explained in Inhumans before she goes off on her own adventures in the MCU.

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