July 3, 2008

Robert Rodriguez Presents Red Sonja

Red Sonja (2009)

According to an article from USAToday Robert Rodriguez is looking to produce a remake of the 1985 film which featured Bridgitte Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rodriguez's finance and muse Rose McGowan showed him the script which he was impressed with and offered her the leading role. I'm on the fence about this as I loved the idea of an updated Conan movie. Yet I think Rodriguez is taking on too many projects that ones that have sparked more interest are getting ignored such as Barbarella, The Jetsons and new Sin City films. Now with Red Sonja it looks like we'll be seeing an updated view of Conan author Robert E. Howard's world of fantasy, which would be great. I know a lot of people are angry about how Rose is starring in all of Robert's films, but if he puts more of his thoughts and touches to it because of that I'm all for it. McGowan is a talented actress and could pull off the roles if given the chance. I think it's smart for her to take on these roles considering in like 6 years she'll never get these type of roles ever again.

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