May 21, 2008

Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon (TBA)

With the news of movies being developed for Barbarella and Buck Rogers, it was only a matter of time that the most successful space adventurer would be back. Flash Gordon is getting a update/remake film, which is about time it's been almost 20 years since the last movie. The 1980 movie was very epic and it's theme song was done by Queen, I hope they go this route again. The comics, movies and cartoon were on the large scale so now with CGI being able to expand planet Mongo's diverse inhabitance they can make it even more epic. I have to admit even though Buck Rogers was the first to come up with the concept Flash Gordon always had the better stories and characters.
Breck Eisner is set to direct, he is also set to direct remakes of The Creature From The Black Lagoon and George A. Romero's The Crazies. I think with trust he's been given in remaking two popular films if given the right amount of budget he could pull it off.

"Columbia might be rocketing a redo-update of "Flash Gordon," entering talks to acquire the film rights for a big-screen adaptation that has Breck Eisner attached to direct and Neal Moritz set to produce.
Eisner also will exec produce. Eisner also will exec produce.

"Flash" originally was a science fiction newspaper comic strip drawn by Alex Raymond in the 1930s and was created to compete with another sci-fi strip, "Buck Rogers." "Flash" was first adapted to the screen via Buster Crabbe serials and was made into a lavish 1980 film starring Sam Jones but remembered more for its Queen score. More recently, it was a Sci Fi Channel miniseries that was seen as a critical and ratings failure.

Storywise, Flash was an athlete who travels to the planet Mongo with his lady love, Dale Arden, and the mad scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov. There, they discover a world ruled by Ming the Merciless and meet such strange inhabitants as the Hawkmen and the Sharkmen.

No writers are on board to adapt. No writers are on board to adapt. "

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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