January 16, 2014

Jai Courtney Among Five Candidates Testing For Kyle Reese In TERMINATOR: GENESIS

Variety is reporting that Terminator: Genesis is still looking for it's new Kyle Reese. Australian actor Jai Courtney (Jack Reacher, A Good Day To Die Hard, Spartacus) is leading a group of five candidates that have tested for Reese. The list of lesser known actors includes Boyd Holbrook, Tom Cocquerel, Wilson Bethel and Sam Reid. Boyd had been previously linked for the role of John Connor. The main roles are expected to be apart of a new Termintor trilogy, starting with Genesis. Courtney's previous working relationship with Skydance Pictures on Jack Reacher could make him the front-runner of the group.

The group apparently went in for screen tests on Monday, which could mean an announcement on the outcome might be released very soon. These new names could mean Taylor Kistch (Lone Survivor, Battleship, John Carter, Savages) and Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max Fury Road, X-Men Days of Future Past) are now out of the running to play Reese.

Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Jason Clarke (Lawless, Public Enemies, Zero Dark Thirty) and Arnold Schawarznegger have been confirmed for roles in the fifth installment. Emilia is the new Sarah Connor and Jason is the older John Connor. Arnold's role has yet to be revealed, but is rumored to be playing a new human character. Games of Thrones showrunner and director Alan Taylor will be helming the film. Genesis will be a follow up to Alan's massively successful feature directorial debut Thor: The Dark World, which has earned $632 million globally.

ActingAuditions has confirmed that production begins in April, and will shoot on location in New Orleans, Louisiana. The area has become a hot-spot for big action productions, which will also see Jurassic World shoot there as well. Terminator: Genesis has a release date set for July 1st, 2015.


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