January 15, 2014

Clifton Collins Jr. Joins Michael Douglas And Paul Rudd In Edgar Wright's ANT-MAN

THR broke news yesterday that Marvel was possibly considering both Clifton Collins Jr. and Javier Bardem for roles in Edgar Wright's Ant-Man. It had been assumed that they weren't locks, as it was seemingly for the role Michael Pena had been reportedly offered. Pena actually taking the role hasn't been confirmed, but another one of the actors just might have been.

LatinoReview is adding that Clifton Collins Jr. has been confirmed for the film, in an unnamed role. Stating, he's the only lead actor cast in the film besides Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd. We had hoped that Collins' previous working relationship with Wright would help his chances, and it possibly could have here. No word if he is playing a villain or hero in the picture. His credits include Star Trek, Crank High Voltage, Boondock Saints 2, Traffic, Pacific Rim and Scott Pilgrim. 

It's also been pointed out by LR (but not reported), that Clifton could pass as a younger Michael Douglas (currently in his 70's). There had been rumors that the some of the film could take place in the 60's, involving a Cuban/Communist Missile Crisis as the centre of the story. Having Douglas play the present day Pym and Collins Jr. as the 60's version might be a good way to establish lineage with the character. Also, having Ant-Man set in both the present and the 60's could be very interesting.


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