January 8, 2014

More Monkey Business For Matt Reeves, Will Direct And Co-Write PLANET OF THE APES 3

It's starting to sound like 20th Century Fox is thrilled with Matt Reeve's sequel to Rise of The Planet of The Apes. As Deadline reports that the studio is looking to bring him back to direct Planet of The Apes 3. The teaser trailer is beyond impressive and gives us a hint to the dystopian future depicted in the second film, after the outbreak. Which was setup at the end of Rise. Reeves will also co-write the film with screenwriter Mark Bomback. It's assumed that Andy Serkis will return, but it's unknown if human characters played by Jason Clarke and Gary Oldman could be back for the sequel.

Details have been scarce for Dawn of The Planet of The Apes but it seems like the human group led by Gary Oldman's character could somehow end up at-odds with the apes and Caesar, sparking an all out war between the groups. This war hasn't been revealed for Dawn, but in the teaser trailer the bleak reality of this group could lead to desperation and violence. Harking back to Battle For The Planet of The Apes which saw surviving humans militarized and attacking the ape/human colony on the outskirts of the city. The reboot has exchanged the nuclear threat with a more plausible (post-Cold War) viral outbreak which is immune to the apes, but almost wiped out the entire human race.

The Apes films are known for being serialized and we've come to assume that the studio will keep making more films until they're unsuccessful. I can't imagine how many films Andy Serkis has agreed to be involved with, as he's currently the Roddy McDowall of the reboot. This franchise as a whole is my second favorite science fiction series (first being the Alien saga), so I'm all for more films. Noticing the serious tone Reeves has brought to Dawn, I think his involvement is for the better.


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