April 6, 2013

Three Directors In The Mix For FAST AND FURIOUS 7, Expected To Shoot This Summer For 2014 Release Date

Universal sees a way to expand it's franchise beyond Fast And Furious 6 but will have to do it without director Justin Lin. As Justin is walking away from making the seventh installment to focus on many other developing projects. Universal on the other hand is looking to shoot the next sequel this Summer without Lin for Summer 2014 release date according to THR. LatinoReview also reports the first three names linked to the director search. Which includes Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2), Brad Furman (Lincoln Lawyer, Runner Runner) and Harald Zwart (Karate Kid Remake). The former seems to have already impressed the studio with his action heavy sequel to Kick-Ass. Which might make Wadlow the standout so far but could slow down plans to release Kick-Ass 3. Dwayne Johnson will be shooting Hercules this Summer so it's unknown if he'll be among the cast for this next one or will have to make due with a cameo. Johnson revealed to Empire that it's possible his character Luke Hobbs could end up getting a spin-off.

I assume that Justin might be getting tired of having to dropout of films like Terimator 5 and The Highlander because of his commitments to Fast And Furious. He'll also be busy with post on the sixth film while pre-production work on the next film will be have to be underway for it's Summer shoot. This could be mean he might end up jumping into a another film not to soon after the release. Lin still has his Lone Wolf And Cub adaptation that could go next if the script is ready to go.

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