April 8, 2013

RUMOR: EVIL DEAD's Fede Alavarez And Co-Writer Rodo Sayagues Developing DOCTOR STRANGE For Marvel?

LatinoReview is reporting on a rumor concerning a new project at Marvel. Apparently the studio is impressed by the success of the Evil Dead reboot. Even with the mixed reactions most liked the film with it's minor flaws. Sources tell the site that writer/director Fede Alavarez and co-writer Rodo Rayagues are meeting with Marvel or even pitching a film. Which just might be Doctor Strange which will be released along with Edgar Wright's Ant-Man in Marvel's Phase Three post-Avengers 2.

A draft of the script written by Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer had been shopped around to potential directors not too long ago. Marvel's new trend is to develop their own directors with unique visions instead of hiring big names. Benedict Cumberbatch (Hobbit Trilogy, Star Trek Into Darkness, Crimson Peak, Sherlock) has long been a fan favorite to play Dr. Stephen Strange but no actual casting development has been reported. A rumor over the Summer from some respected sources pointed to Marvel introducing Strange in Thor: The Dark World.

Fede's connections to Sam Raimi might not hurt his chances considering both Spider-Man and Strange are Stan Lee/Steve Ditko collaborations. I have pegged Raimi to be a prime candidate so having Alavarez in the mix sounds about right. Since Marvel isn't likely to get Sam sign on to another franchise with Army of Darkness 2 in development. Nothing too solid here since Fede has talked about making Evil Dead 2 and Evil Dead 3.

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