April 16, 2013

Justin Theroux In The Mix To Play DOCTOR STRANGE?

CHUD reports that Marvel Studios is strongly considering actor/writer Justin Theroux (Zoolander, Charlie's Angels 2, Your Highness, America Psycho) for the role of Dr. Stephen Strange in Doctor Strange. They say that others might also be in the mix but Justin is the only name currently being mentioned. Theroux might have an in with the studio since he wrote Iron Man 2 and being very good friends with Robert Downey Jr. Writing Tropic Thunder which helped Robert land a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination. He also has a knack for accents if the studio is aiming Strange to be more European to separate from the many American heroes. While Benedict Cumberbatch has been the favorite for thethe role it's possible Marvel is making sure they have options. It's an odd choice since Justin is best known for playing villains.

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