April 2, 2013

Peter Jackson Also In The Running For STAR WARS EPISODE VIII?

During a recent Hobbit video FirstShowing spotted a possible script or outline for Star Wars: Episode VIII in Peter Jackson's desk with his name scrolled across it. It could have been a bit of joke since the video was released yesterday on April Fools. Disney/LucasFilm might be actually looking at Peter to tackle the second film. Previously, Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men, Gravity) had been rumored for talks to make Episode VIII. There is a bit of speculation LucasFilm could be aiming to have different directors handle the new trilogies. Similar to how the original three films worked as Lucas (Abrams now) directed the first one and godfathered the other two productions. Considering that Paramount is talking about Star Trek 3 possibly coming out in 2016, it's unlikely that Abrams will be able to make both Trek 3 and Ep. VIII.

Jackson is currently doing post-production on The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug with some added Battle of The Five Armies scenes to be shot for There And Back Again this Summer. It's possible that LucasFilm could be aiming for a 2017-2018 release date for Episode VIII which could allow Jackson to clear his other projects including the upcoming sequel to Tintin which begins production sometime this year. Peter has personal and work relationships with Steven Spielberg which might have led to at least talk of him considering the project. Jackson hasn't exactly made a straight up science fiction film yet but was at one point producing the Halo movie. Not to mention producing Neill Blompkamp's stunning sci-fi sociological thriller District 9. Jackson did briefly talk about the new Star Wars films with MTV back in December. You never know making a Star Wars film could be on Peter's bucket-list or just a clever April Fools joke. Considering Jackson has always worked with both Weta Workshop and Weta Digital for his films. While ILM has provided the special effects for basically all of the LucasFilm projects. I don't think Jackson would direct but could help write/produce the film.

"Obviously if he (Lucas) had interest in doing himself, then that's what we would all like to see," he said. "But it's better to have more 'Star Wars' films than no 'Star Wars' films."

"The one thing that Tolkien said is that the wonderful thing with mythology — and George Lucas has created a mythology of his own — is that it keeps getting handed from one person to the next, and each person embellishes it and expands it," Jackson added. "It actually keeps mythology alive, because it should be a living, breathing organic thing where it expands over time. It doesn't just stay stagnant. So I think what George is doing with 'Star Wars' is terrific."

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