May 16, 2009

Thor (May 20th 2011)

It was announced that Kenneth Branagh (Hamlet) would be replacing Matthew Vaughn (Stardust) as director. This seems like a move that will suit the project. It will be more of fantasy tale rather than one based on the comics. Basing it's story on the viking age and the Norse gods. The film will focus on a younger incarnation of Thor. This means the previously rumored actors will be out of the running.

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek) has been cast as Thor. It was known for a while that Marvel Studios was looking for a young unknown actor for the role.

Actor Tom Hiddleston will play the villain Loki. Hiddleston is yet another virtual unknown actor and was rumored for Thor at one point. The more the casting information comes out the more it sounds like Marvel Studios' marketing department has their work cut out for them. I really hope they hire a reconizable name with Odin or with the female lead. Josh Hartnett was rumored for the role, he was also in mind to play Thor. Hartnett would have made an excellent villain, so lets hope this was for the best.

Brian Blessed best known for Flash Gordon and Black Adder is in talks to play Odin.

Casting Rumors:

Natalie Portman is also rumored to be in talks and could end up playing Sif. The wife of Thor and goddess of Asgard. Portman's addition to the cast like Hartnett would build star-name recognition for the film.

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