May 23, 2009

Luke Cage (2011)

Marvel Studios is developing a Luke Cage film. John Singleton (Boyz N The Hood) is attached to direct with rumors of Tyrese Gibson (Transformers) starring. Cage is a African-American superhero with origins from black exploitation comics, similar to Blade. While I believe Singleton could be great for the film, Gibson on the other lacks personality. Considering there are chances the character could be featured in Avengers. I think Marvel should really look at other actors.

Michael Jai White (Dark Knight) gets my vote to play Luke. He's done his share of action movies, along with a memorable cameo as Gambol in the Dark Knight. He may have been apart of the messy live-action Spawn movie. Yet he's made up for this with good performances in Black Dynamite and Undisputed 2. This combined with his impressive background in martial arts, would make him an excellent choice.

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