May 8, 2009

Conan (2010)

The reboot of the beloved barbarian character created by Robert E. Howard will be heading to theaters soon. Lionsgate is planning on a August start date on production. The budget could be around 100 million and it's aiming for a ultra violent hard R rating. Rob Zombie and Robert Rodriguez were rumored to be helming until Brett Ratner was attached. The collective relief of Conan fans after hack/director Brett Ratner left the project could be heard worldwide.

Chud is reporting that James McTeigue (V For Vendetta, Ninja Assassin) could be taking over directing duties. The protégé of the Wachowskis is slowly becoming a big name in the world of action films. His upcoming film Ninja Assassin might end up becoming one of the best R rated action films of the year.

Casting Thoughts:

Gerard Butler has a history with Lionsgate with the upcoming Gamer. Along with working with the 87 Eleven fight team on 300. The same fight team that have worked on the Matrix films and both of McTeigue's films. He seems like a person who could sell the film with his name if they end up hiring a well known actor for Conan.

Roland Kickinger (Terminator Salvation) is being rumored/favored to play Conan. Mostly because of his similar look to Arnold Schwarzenegger who originally played the role. I do like the idea considering but his lack of any acting experience is a bit troubling.

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