May 28, 2009

Alien remake (2010-2012)

20th Century Fox is already rebooting the predator franchise with Robert Rodriquez producing and his Troublemaker Studios handling it's production. Now according to Bloody Disgusting Fox is also aiming to remake Alien as well. While I hate the idea of a remake of this classic science fiction horror film. Considering Fox's track record, yet it's almost impossible to move forward with the franchise without a reboot. 20th Century Fox took so many liberties with the series after Aliens. First killing Ripley in Alien 3 and then bringing her back as a alien hybrid clone in Alien Resurrection. They only way to continue would be to reboot the series and invent a brand new chain of events. I'm sure the plan is to spawn more films that could give us the origins of the xenomorphs. The plan is to keep the story almost exactly to the original and will have a single alien on the ship. BD also got an update that it won't be a straight up remake as an origin story.

Ridley Scott along with his brother Tony will be producing. Scott's involvement gives me a reassurance that it might be a great feature. Carl Rinsch who work's for Ridley's Scott Free Productions will helm. Recently Scott visited James Cameron's Avatar set and was in awe of what was going on. I hope the new technology gave him enough inspiration to use it on this project. While the idea of a prequel or sequel headed by Ridley is great, the execution would be very difficult.


It's almost impossible to think someone could fill the shoes of Sigourney Weaver. Weaver would later recivie an Oscar nomination for the same character in Aliens. Ellen Ripley remains one of the strongest female characters in cinematic history. Rachel McAdams (State of Play, Sherlock Holmes) might be a good match since Weaver was also very unassuming. The role of Ripley was originally written for a male but Ridley Scott decided to cast Weaver instead.

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