May 25, 2009

Deadpool (2011-2012)

Deadpool has officially been announced as a spin-off from X-Men Origins Wolverine. Despite the poor representation of the character the studio has moved forward will a solo film. Ryan Reynolds who plays Wade Wilson/Deadpool says he was only willing to do a Deadpool movie if the studio abides to the original story. A director, writer and cast have yet to be announced but I expect 20th Century Fox to move quickly on this project.


Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) recently was spotted in a popular comic shop in L.A. grabbing all the Typhoid Mary comics she get her hands on. The assumption is that she could be researching the role for the Daredevil reboot or the upcoming Deadpool. The name Typhoid Mary is owned by 20th Century Fox and was seen in Elektra. Yet if Marvel Studios goes with her real name or current alias Mutant Zero she could be featured in Avengers. Mutant Zero sports forearm blades similar to Weapon XI/Deadpool in Wolverine.


Jensen Ackles (My Bloody Valentine) as Christopher Summers aka Cable: Originally the son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor (clone of Jean Grey). Cable travels from the future trying to prevent the mutant holocaust. He's worked with and fought Deadpool, the two characters paired up for a comic series.

Emily Blunt (Wolf Man, Sunshine Cleaning) as Neena Thurman aka Domino

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