January 28, 2015

Sony Announces GHOSTBUSTERS Release Date; Bill Murray And Peter Dinklage Wanted?

Sony has announced that the release date for Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot will be July 22nd, 2016.

Production is expected to begin this summer in New York City with Feige confirming the cast will include Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarty, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

Hit Fix is reporting that Sony is looking to give both Bill Murray and Peter Dinklage roles in the film. Dinklage is said to be possibly wanted for the mechanical genius villain of the film. We know Sony is desperate to get Murray's blessing on the project and really want his involvement.

I think Murray might be bit more open to not reprising his original role which is said to be the case, let's just not end-up seeing him play a ghost which he originally wanted to do.

Bill famously shredded a draft of the Ghostbusters 3 script and sent it back to the studio.


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