January 27, 2015

Official Images From 'FANTASTIC FOUR' Set; Josh Trank Influenced By THE FLY And SCANNERS

Collider had an exclusive in-depth interview with both writer-producer Simon Kinberg and director Josh Trank about what to expect with Fantastic Four.

Adding our first look at Michael B. Jordan in costume as The Human Torch on the set alongside Kinberg.

In the interview the two confirmed that they did consciously prevent promotional materials from leaking early and wanted to control how audiences are first introduced to these new characters. I assume taking cues from how Lucasfilm treats the Star Wars franchise when they have a new film.

The rest of the cast includes Kate Mara, Miles Teller, Toby Kebbell and Jamie Bell.

We won't have to wait too much longer to get a glimpse of the rest of the cast and more importantly seeing them in motion. The talk being that the trailer will be officially released by 20th Century Fox later today.

Simon and Josh are re-teaming for both Fantastic Four 2 set for 2017 release and a Star Wars spin-off which is likely aiming for a December 2018 release date.

Josh Trank would site films such as David Cronenberg's The Fly and Scanners as big influences on the film along with a mixture of comics from the 60's and Ultimates.

You can read the entire interview at Collider.


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