January 26, 2015

Emma Watson Confirmed For Belle In Disney's Live-Action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

The Wrap has learned that Harry Potter actress Emma Watson has closed a deal to play the role of Belle in Disney's live-action adaptation of Beauty And The Beast.

She has confirmed the news on her Facebook page, hinting that there could be some musical numbers incorporated from the animated film.

The film will be directed by Bill Condon but don't let the Twilight links fool you, the script was recently rewriting by Perks of Being A Wallflower's Stephen Chbosky

Emma had been attached for the competing project over at Warner Bros. which had Guillermo del Toro set to direct, the project sort of fell apart and Watson decided on switching to the Disney project instead. Apparently, she got the blessing from del Toro to move to the other film instead.

Disney has already made a killing with live-action adaptations of Alice In Wonderland and Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty). It's expected that both Cinderella and Beauty could be huge successes as well.


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