January 2, 2015

Neill Blomkamp Secretly Working On An ALIENS Sequel, Fox Make This Movie Now!

Writer-director Neill Blomkamp is arguably one of the few original voices in the world of science fiction filmmaking. Having left a troubled Halo film franchise, after the project fell apart at the studio. Only to make three original films within the science fiction genre via District 9, Elysium and the upcoming Chappie. Neill, along with Duncan Jones have been making waves within the genre and I've kind of seen them act as this era's version of Ridley Scott and James Cameron, but at a much smaller scale.

We really haven't heard too much chatter from Blomkamp about playing around in other franchises, the expectation he would never want to. However, this is seemingly not the case as the Neill posted a bunch of concept art for an Aliens sequel (titled Alien: Xeno?) on Instagram. He points-out on Twitter that 20th Century Fox had no idea this was going on. I'm sure they'll be eagerly contacting him as this has been gathering a lot of buzz online. Blomkamp is also hinting he might be going with something else instead, which is a shame. Although, if Fox is smart they'll consider making a development deal with Blomkamp.

I assume this film would take the place of the events from both Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection. Since the artwork includes Hicks and Ripley getting back together to kick-ass. Hicks and Newt were controversially killed-off in the opening scene of Alien3, a move that had James Cameron scratching his head. Having just spent an entire film setting-up Ripley's connection and relationships with both three-dimensional characters. We know that at one time James and Ridley Scott came together to pitch Alien 5, which was rejected in-favor for Alien Vs Predator. Leading to Cameron washing his hands of the franchise.

You can kind of get what the plot of the film was likely going to be in the images. As it looks like the Weyland Corporation has recovered the derelict ship, finally got their hands on the xenomorph and the space jockey technology. Ripley and Hicks going on a suicide mission to destroy the ship and the research facility. I assume by the time they get there the xenos are already running-a-muck, since an alien queen is lumbering around the facility in one concept shot.

The interesting part in all this is that Sigourney Weaver has mentioned in the press about being-up for another installment if the studio was game. Michael Biehn I'm sure would be game as well if this is the sort of direction they're going for. Since he just reprised the role of Hicks in the Aliens: Colonial Marines video game.

Another awesome aspect, this movie wouldn't interfere with either Prometheus 2 or an Alien: Isolation adaptation. Since both projects take place way before the events of Aliens and this possible concept. It should be noted that one of the pieces of artwork is dated March 2014, so this is stuff was recently put together by Blomkamp.

I really do think Fox should contract Blomkamp about this project, even if it isn't his next film after Chappie. This honestly feels like where Cameron would have gone if Fox had waited for him to make Alien3, so it's an exciting prospect with lots of potential.

Over the summer it was revealed that Fox was developing a direct sequel to Predator with Shane Black. If they're retreading with that franchise, they might as do the same for the much more popular Alien saga. Giving fans that film we always wanted to see.


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