December 13, 2014

Ryan Gosling Expresses Interest To Sony About GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot

More email leaks concerning Sony's Ghostbusters reboot are coming out. A couple more have been dug-up by TheDailyBeast. One suggested that director Paul Feig is extremely interested in casting both Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone in roles. Jennifer earning three Oscar nominations and one win for the dark comedy Silver Linings Playbook, while Emma is looking to get some serious awards consideration for her role in Birdman.

A new email leak points-out actor Ryan Gosling has expressed interest in a role in Ghostbusters, apparently there is only one leading male role. Gosling grew-up during the era of the Ghostbusters craze, so it would sort of make sense he would be interested. It should be also noted that Emma Stone's involvement might have something to do with it, the two have played on screen couples in both Crazy Stupid Love and Gangster Squad.

Ryan hasn't been too interested in these type of roles, but was attached to Nicholas Winding Refn's Logan's Run remake. Until the director exited the project, and it eventually went into limbo. While going on record about disinterest about superhero films, he said he'd be apart of Refn's hypothetically Wonder Woman movie.  He was also recently reported to be the mix for both Marvel's Doctor Strange and Warner Bros' Suicide Squad. He could be choosing these big films based on his co-workers.


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