December 12, 2014

Disney Confirms New INDIANA JONES Movies, Cue Chris Pratt Casting Campaign!

During an interview with Disney's CEO Bob Iger, Variety got confirmation that new Indiana Jones movies are in the pipeline. Variety's Marc Graser took to twitter to relay this information, that Lucasfilm is indeed going to make new movies. Which sounds like something we've been hearing for sometime. The assumption is that Lucasfilm's Kathy Kennedy would be heading-up the production on those films.

LatinoReview reported on this development a long time ago. Pointing to plans to reboot the entire franchise with a new actor. It's unlikely they'll have Harrison Ford reprise the role considering his age, and the fact Disney will want a bunch of movies. Not just one final installment with Ford, they heard Bradley Cooper was being eyed to take the role. LR also took a lot of shit, and met with denials from producers. This news seemingly vindicates some aspects of the original report.

With Harrison Ford at age 72 the action-heavy role seems like it just might not be a good match anymore. We can't blame the fact he's also aged-out of tangling with Nazis, which were his main antagonists in two films. The only interesting tidbit to come out The Kingdom of The Crystal Skulls was his eventual involvement in WWII. Of course this was never explored, which is a huge shame.

There are plenty of stories to pursue with a reboot, and that era hasn't been entirely explored in the trilogy. I'm sure everyone is picturing Chris Pratt (Guardians of The Galaxy, Jurassic World)  in the role, and considering that he's already their radar it's very likely he could be considered. Pratt recently passed on Drake role in Sony's Uncharted movie, a character which is considered a modern Indiana Jones.


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