December 10, 2014

RUMOR: Sony Corp. Pressuring Sony Pictures To Make SPIDER-MAN Deal With Marvel Studios?

It was revealed by WallStreetJournal that Sony Pictures was considering a deal to have Marvel Studios produce a new Spider-Man trilogy via the massive data leak. Apparently, talks between the two studios broke-down over Sony Pictures' tough demands to keep creative control, marketing and distribution rights. Basically, having the production using the Marvel brand but without them actually making decisions. An extremely dismissive deal that overlooks Marvel huge success telling superhero stories.

LatinoReview is reporting this isn't the feeling of everyone at Sony, as the main company in Japan isn't happy with what has been going on and the leak of what happened the behind the scenes. Sony Corp. is angry with Sony Pictures not being able to make a deal work, understanding the potential of linking the franchise to Marvel's stellar success record. Executives might have to make a deal work, and let their pride/egos aside or could risk backlash from their bosses at Sony Corp.

It should be noted that in the 1990s, heads of Sony Pictures Jon Peters and Peter Gruber ran the studio into the ground. I'm sure bosses at Sony Corp. remember those days that almost saw the studio shutdown forever. The company is still loosing billions, and Spider-Man is really their only big live-action franchise. Outside of the distribution rights to MGM's Bond films. Amazing Spider-Man 2 destroyed a lot of remaining confidence fans had with the studio, and they are scrambling to slate new films which include a rumored Aunt May movie. This making executives sound like they have no idea what direction to take the franchise.

The "summit" is set for January and this could see Sony figuring-out how to approach a deal, or talks with Marvel Studio to see if they're still open to the idea of shared-rights. It should be noted that Sinister Six's Drew Goddard has a working relationship with Marvel Studios, helping put together their Daredevil reboot series on Netflix. If there was a person that could make the transition painless, it would be Drew Goddard. BadassDigest has suggested that we could see a soft-reboot with Six, and if Marvel helps with that production it would be a perfect way to introduce a new actor.

When it comes to crossovers, I think the ship has sailed for both Age of Ultron and Civil War. Unless they feel the need to include small cameos or button scenes. I could actually see super scientist Peter Parker and Spider-Man having a key role in Avengers: Infinity War, considering his roots with Secret War. Having Spider-Man in space would also be a great way give a viable reason to have the origin of Venom explained on screen, as Parker originally get's the black suit in the massive crossover series. You get the hero interacting with the Avengers and Venom get's his proper backstory told on screen.

I'm also unsure that Marvel's Kevin Feige would even be able to step away from the main Marvel slate to get involved with the Spider-Man franchise. We'd likely see him a producer, but not as hands-on as the main movies over at Marvel. Likely, having on of other many capable Marvel production producers taking on the production. The question remains, will Avi Arad step down and let Marvel call the shots? If it comes down to Sony Corp. he just might have to bite his lip, as Arad still has other film deals at Sony. Those include a live-action adaptation of Metal Gear, which is moving forward soon.


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