December 5, 2014

Krysten Ritter And Mike Colter Are Likely Marvel's JESSICA JONES/LUKE CAGE

Deadline is reporting that Krysten Ritter is a lock for the lead role of Jessica Jones in Netflix's second Marvel series. She apparently beat-out Aussie actress Teresa Palmer for the role. They also mention that their reads were with Luke Cage candidate Mike Colter (Halo Nightfall, Following), to feel-out chemistry. This could mean that Colter will be our Cage in the series. Since Luke is said to appear in multiple episodes of Jones, before his own solo series.

I'm a bit unimpressed with the body of work from Ritter, but will try to keep an open mind. Marvel has made some questionable casting moves in the past, which over time have won me over. From what I've seen with movie roles and small part on Breaking Bad, I'm not keen to see her in the role.

Mike Colter on the other hand has been hidden under the radar most of his career. He's got the dramatic and action chops to get to the core of Cage, and will obviously play a huge role within these shows. To say that Colter looks the part is a major understatement. I'm beyond stoked on Mike taking the role of Luke Cage and feel he'll end-up stealing scenes in the next four shows. As he's expected to also play a part in Iron Fist, before his own 13-episode run and then the Defenders series.


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