September 7, 2012


ThePlaylist has mentioned a rumor that Marvel Studios could introduce Dr. Stephen Strange in Thor: The Dark World. They say that Strange would be a colleague of Jane Foster in the film having a role similar to Erik Selvig. However, a lot of their other Marvel "rumors" in this pod-cast have turned out to be untrue, outdated or incorrect. We know that Marvel has a script for Doctor Strange and they have a tendency to reveal new characters in separate movies. The one thing they haven't started is introduce "franchise" heroes in other films. There have already been rumblings that Black Panther could end up be showing up in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This move could help boost awareness of the characters post-Avengers 2.

Aussie actor Joel Edgerton (Warrior, Animal Kingdom, Zero Dark Thirty) is wanted for the role of Strange but seemingly is no longer in the running. He had been linked with meeting Marvel previously for a role (Ant-Man?), so it's believable. It's a shame if Joel doesn't end up playing some Marvel hero as he'd be perfect to lead his own franchise. That being said, Benedict Cumberbatch's name has been circling for a role as well but nothing concrete has been announced.

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