September 28, 2012

Emma Stone Wants Gwen Dead In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2?

We got the official announcement that director Marc Webb and star Andrew Garfield would be returning for Amazing Spider-Man 2. While Emma Stone was still only in talks, which is sort of odd. The film is expected to begin production in early 2013 with a May 2nd 2014 release date set.  This would mean that Sony needs to lineup their actors soon so pre-production can begin.

The rumor at the moment is that Stone could be talking with the studio about Gwen's fate in the trilogy. In the comics Gwen is killed by The Green Goblin and changes Peter forever. Hints to this were shown in the first film with Norman Osborn and Oscorp having their seeds planted. Sony might be trying to delay the actress from exiting the franchise by keeping her alive until the third movie. Webb and Stone have given the impression that they want her out sooner rather than later. Obviously making room for a new actress playing Mary Jane Watson to join the franchise.

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